Our family has owned the Glenburn property since 1992 and began planting in 1995 when Philip Lobley Wines was established. We are a small family run vineyard in the Yea Valley, producing about 1000 cases of boutique wines per year.

Sustainability and environmental consciousness are ethical values on which our vineyard is based. The wines are handcrafted and undergo wild yeast fermentation and are not filtered or fined giving the wine a unique character reflective of our environment.

The high density vineyard is self-sustaining with no artificial inputs and consists of Pinot Noir. Our small lake teeming with birds, fish, frogs, and their friends provides supplementary water to the vines in summer.

From the veranda of our mud brick home (designed by Soft Loud House) the world ebbs and flows to the rhythm of life. Our family’s passion for gastronomy is also very present on the property, with an organic vegetable patch with a variety of over 10 fruit and vegetables which are used in our daily cooking. Wild Crust Bakery, run by Lyn, produces artisanal breads for the local community, cafes and restaurants, and our daughter’s, Rebecca and Sarah are also both professional chefs.

Make an appointment to drop in, enjoy a wine tasting with the winemaker – and maybe even a tasting of wines from the barrels! The



Our high-density vineyard currently consists of Pinot Noir.

The vineyard is cane pruned to a single arm 8 buds long. The canopy is vertically shoot positioned and shoot thinned. We crop thin to 10-14 bunches per vine, and yield is 600-800gms per vine, this allows each vine to contribute a little fruit to each bottle.

There are two soil types, Red volcanic and Duplex which is a Grey clay loam over a bleached silty clay which overlays a light brown mottled clay.

Climatically, the region is Cool Temperate with cold nights and warm days during the ripening period, March to April. We have a unique climate that provides autumn mists that roll across our dam and over the vineyard, creating a shroud that is lifted by the warming sun, cool gentle ripening of the grapes follows.

Our wines are hand crafted in small batches and undergo wild yeast fermentation and are not filtered or fined. Our aim is to produce wines that reflect our sense of place here in Glenburn in an environmentally friendly way.

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