Our passion for culinary pleasures was taken to the next step by Lyn, my wife, when she decided to throw herself into the adventure of baking bread and opening her very own bakery. Her frustration of not being able to buy ‘real bread’ locally kindled her desire to explore this field, and, step by step, laid the bricks for what would become Wild Crust Bakery.

After much research and experimentation, Lyn decided to focus her efforts on the art of making sourdough breads. Through trial and error, the support of her friends and family, and her own creativity and determination, she found her recipes.

In 2004, she reached out to Alan Scott – an oven builder, sourdough bread advocate, educator and co-author of Bread Builders. By 2005, a crew led by Alan Scott was assembled to build the oven – 950 firebricks were laid, and the project was completed in 7 days.

With a variety of 7 sourdough breads, Wild Crust Bakery now caters to cafes, restaurants and supermarkets in the Yea Valley area.

To know more about Lyn’s journey to establish Wild Crust Bakery and the bread making workshops we hold, please visit our blog below or contact Lyn directly below.